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Bioxsine Acnium Clarigying Face Washing Gel 500 ml

For oily and mixed skin, use a face wash controls the balance of excessive skin sebum and offers anti-blackhead and radiant skin care. Acne management

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Face Wash Gel 500ml Bioxsine Acnium Sebum Balancing


A product with a unique formulation, Bioxsine Acnium Sebum Balancing Face Wash Gel, can help balance and control oily skin. While keeping the skin’s natural moisture balance, it effectively cleanses the skin. The gel is enhanced with a blend of carefully chosen chemicals that cooperate to limit sebum production and minimize excess oiliness, leaving the face rejuvenated and matte.



Gains from using Bioxsine Acnium Face Wash:

Calm and Comforting Thermal water and botanical extracts, among other substances, are included in the composition because of their calming and soothing effects. These components aid in calming and soothing sensitive skin while lowering inflammation and redness.

Sebum Balancing: The purpose of the face wash gel is to control sebum production and reestablish the skin’s natural equilibrium. This is beneficial.


Characteristics of Bioxsine Acnium Gel Wash:



Gently and Effectively Cleansing: The gel offers delicately and effectively cleansing, removing pollutants, grime, and excess oil without robbing the skin of its natural moisture. It aids in pore cleaning and deters the growth of acne and skin imperfections.


Mattifying Effect: The gel leaves the skin with a matte finish that reduces shine and oiliness all day long. For oily and mixed skin types, it helps maintain a fresh, matte appearance.


Dermatological Testing: Bioxsine Acnium Sebum Balancing Face Wash Gel has undergone dermatological testing to guarantee its safety and compatibility for sensitive and acne-prone skin. To reduce the possibility of irritation or negative reactions, it was formulated.


Large Size: The face wash gel is generously sized at 500ml, offering long-lasting use and good value. It is perfect for everyday use and may be used by numerous people.

Compatible with Oily and Combination Skin: This face wash gel was created especially for oily and combination skin types. For people who battle with excessive oiliness and shine, its sebum-balancing formula and mattifying impact make it a fantastic option.

Non-Comedogenic: The gel is not pore-clogging or an aggravating factor in the development of acne. It effectively cleans and regulates sebum production while allowing the skin to breathe.

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